Reviews for "GG's Ultimate Arcade"


...why do most of them find up ball difficult? For me, that was pretty easy. what i can't finish is the protect your milk thing.., better put the score to 50.., or maybe 60.., and also, another suggestion is to change the controls of the turret.., it is better using the mouse and not the arrow keys.., it makes it hard for me to move the turret little by little..,


it could be better... QUITE better

if you added a hardness button and changed the music it would get better scores, BTW i gave it a 3

how the game is

i give it a 2

i loved it :)

nice work :D

Sweet game

i can't beat the skater but so far i beat up ball crazy racers fall down keep it up tennis cattaput hit a gopher cube crusher i also got these toys sparkler=getting 0 on tennis catapult clock=hit 80 on hit a gopher spiral generater=getting 1 on cube crusher and button=getting over 2400 onhit a gopher