Reviews for "End of Nightmares"


it was ok but blood and more weps

gavD responds:

From Embeeforme:
ThanX spiderman859 but we arnt atracking people by blood and serious violence. Thats the easy way of getting attention. ThanX for the vote

From gavD:
Yeah, what Em said!


The drawings were poorly drawn. The levels were too small and the characters were too big. There are only 4 levels and very few enemies. There are only 2 power-ups, a hammer and the health. The story was dumb. There is only one combo. Try again.

gavD responds:

Awful? I'm sorry you didn't like it DarknessOfBlood.

Another weird one, though good

Its a good game, very menoverible as you, the little kid in a nightmare fights away all the robots and stuffed animals to get to the end.

gavD responds:

Thanks Dark_Angel_Ace - we worked long and hard on this game

Not very good.

The best part of this game was the music. No offence.

gavD responds:

The music is by Statler and Waldorf. The Room 303 site should be up soon.


idk bout this game its kinda cheap somtimes wen the guy attacking u is off the screen and well...i mean well i just dont like it much its.

gavD responds:

Fair enough. The sprites are deliberately too large for a dreamlike appeal.