Reviews for "End of Nightmares"

Not my cuppa tea

I didn't really like it and the graphics were really weird

gavD responds:

You may prefer Take to the Streets, which is a similar game with digitised graphics.

This game just came off as being a bit too cheap to me. The graphics, IMHO, just don't seem to hold up at all. It looks way too cartoonish. This seems to be something that would be more appropriate for a flash cartoon, not a game. There is also this really annoying loop, where two robots spit fire on me from opposite sides. I didn't hear from Statler and Waldorf in this.

Some of the artwork is pretty impressive. The design of the enemies are also not too bad. Again, the music isn't that bad. It just needs more work. The title seems a bit cliched too.

waisted talent, it would seam...

was just hard to have fun with, have you honestly play tested this game for yourself? it was very well made, but not very fun, there were many situations that made me swear at the game, but very good effort...

gavD responds:

Yeah, the game isn't quite as playable as TTTS... I think the large sprites is the problem here; makes it hard to react.

I'll be comparing this sequel to your previous one

As you may or may not remember, I reviewed Take it to the Streets and gave it a good rating. I'm still a big fan of your games, but I'm only trying to rate it as fairly as I can.

First, I'll look at this new game by itself and review how I feel about it. Again, I'm quite reminiscent about old school street fighting games, and I like how you've been trying to revive it through flash.

With that said, I'm afraid I'm not that much of a big fan of this game. It feels quite awkward, to say the least, moving the character about and trying to attack your enemies. The combo attacks were a bit boring, and it's difficult to land that uppercut unless you're right on top of the enemy you want to hit. The jump attack was a nice addition, despite it's fairly limited use in the game. I believe it could have used more attacks and/or combos to add some variety to the game so that the users can try and mix it up a bit. I still suggest having a sort of grab move where you can pummel your enemy and toss them around.

I don't think that the style of animation you chose really felt right on this game, either. I can see where the graphics reflect the nature of the game's storyline, but overall, it wasn't that appealing to my eye. The fighting animation itself looked fine, though overall, it could have used more fluidity. It just wasn't my taste. Maybe some more FPS to smoothen it out?

The music was a bit repetitive, and it continually played even between stages, so that was also awkward. Different music for different stages keeps players from getting bored from playing the game. It almost puts you to the point of shutting the background music all together because it ends up droning you down a bit.

To be honest, I stopped playing around the third level because of some of the things I've written above. It's a great concept, but lacking in some places, in my opinion. You'll need to try and change a few things that can keep the players from getting bored too long by making small changes between each level to mix it up.

Comparing this game to Taking it to the Streets, I'd have to say that I prefer the first game a little better, but probably because I like seeing sprites better than I do drawn graphics for games like these, though it's clear that you've put effort into this second game. I'm afraid it's just not to my liking; it's not quite as addicting as your first game. However, I'm looking forward to see if you make any more games of this genre.

gavD responds:

Thanks for the detailed review - I'd agree that TTTS plays better, but Marcus's artwork makes EON special for me.

Not that good

Well I cant say its bad or good but in the middle
First win you beat a level it says "yes level completed!" U dont need that its gets boring and makes the game alot worse so if u make a remake take it out.
Next is the combos THAT IS NOT A COMBO!!!!! Make more hit instead of just a punch and a kick. The bosses are to easy for me.