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Reviews for "End of Nightmares"

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
This game was somewhat entertaining to me. The graphics were fun. They were very well detailed and nicely animated, which made game play more fun. This also had decent game play that was easy to get into.

^^Needs Improving^^
One thing that really bothered me was that you pretty much had to be right up against the right side of the screen in order to move forward, which made defending against new bots pretty hard.

kinda cool

Very hard to play tho, maybe if the characters were smaller too? Once 3 or more were fighting me, it was to hard to fight. Good game tho.

gavD responds:

Thanks ApkQuiksilver. Please try Take to the Streets (also by gavD) - it has much smaller characters. We went for cartoony large sprites here.


The character feels very reponsive which is great and the whole setting is kind of odd (which I like also).....i did'nt play for too long but i liked it....hope you update the game

gavD responds:

We're not planning to update this game I'm afraid.

Not my cuppa tea

I didn't really like it and the graphics were really weird

gavD responds:

You may prefer Take to the Streets, which is a similar game with digitised graphics.

This game just came off as being a bit too cheap to me. The graphics, IMHO, just don't seem to hold up at all. It looks way too cartoonish. This seems to be something that would be more appropriate for a flash cartoon, not a game. There is also this really annoying loop, where two robots spit fire on me from opposite sides. I didn't hear from Statler and Waldorf in this.

Some of the artwork is pretty impressive. The design of the enemies are also not too bad. Again, the music isn't that bad. It just needs more work. The title seems a bit cliched too.