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Reviews for "End of Nightmares"

really good game

the only real problem i had with the whole affair was when i was trying to fight two flamethrowing robots with the hammer. the attack animation took too long so every time i tried to get a hit in they'd get one first, but thier hits were never strong enough for me to drop the hammer. eventually the robots got into an alternating attack patter so that when one stopped the other would start. I couldnt even move my character.. pretty damned frustrating.

other than that, nice game

gavD responds:

To get out of that, sometimes you can run upwards or down, but yes, the flamethrower attack is very hard to escape


this game was fun but it was so frustrating, I think you knew that, which is why you gave us so many lives. it was frustrating because there was no thinking involved, the enemies were so cheap. but I dont think this is a horrible game its actually quite good. I really liked the story and the hand drawn graphics, you also did a nice job with the animation. I think the enemies need to be a bit easier, and maybe each boss could have some dialogue so you knew who they were or what kind of connection they had to the main character. good job.

gavD responds:

Some good ideas there G-MAN. It is possible to play without getting hit if you use a lot of jumping attacks and run all the time - the enemies have to stop to attack. The shield gives it a slight element of strategy.

Pretty good!

I liked it. It started out bad, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty good. You guys got skill. Hey, if you could be kind enough to respond, where did you learn to create such a game?

gavD responds:

Hi Falconer02, I did the code for this game. I've been programming for many years now, and went to University to study Computer Science. I built this game upon previous code I'd written - I try to never throw any code away, but to improve each time.

If you need to know Flash specifics, actionscript.org and flashkit.com are great places to start.

Good, but improve...

OK, Dude, do you have something against nightmares? Why end them? But I'll still give cred to it's nice arcade touch like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Battle Toads. The art style was kinda cool, but the look of the playable character wasn't all to great. And how come it was only like four levels? TAKE TIME TO MAKE A LONGER GAME!!! I mean, for just a small project it was alright, but I do belive, if I am mistaken, you said it took days just to make. Dude, I don't know that much about action script, but I know enough to know that just anding a few codes to make a caracter move and to switch to a different movie clip, while the screen moves as well and have a few enemy's lying around, FOR ONLY FOUR LEVELS, just takes about a week and a couple of days. Unless you wanted the game to sound impresive, don't give us that shit, Just let every one else decide if it is. I would tell you about a game that is longer and has about 24 levels with own saved files, if it wasn't for some stupid rules for reveiwing.

gavD responds:

You clearly have absolutely no idea about how hard it is to create balanced and playable games.

not that bad

i liked the other games you did, but this is way too stupid, i liked it but it got frustrating when you couldnt properly attack the monsters cos there were too many.