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Reviews for "End of Nightmares"

Cool game/idea...

...but too easy to stuck between a few of the enemy bots... really cool though, nice work. Think you may have seen a certain Newgrounds character before doing the main guy though... :)

gavD responds:

We tried to make the bots slightly tougher than the mindless drones of Take to the Streets, but you're right, they're pretty much marching the march of doom towards the hero...

I'm not sure which NG character you mean though! I'd like to know! Em, did you hide a character in there?!

a li'l bit

i think you made it a little bit too much like streets of rage, but overall, a pretty good game

gavD responds:

Thanks remthemen! Streets of Rage was a big influence on EON's predecessor, Take to the Streets.

eh, could be better

ay i liked it but it was pretty hard, even on easy and every time i got knocked down the friggin robots wouldnt get offa me, but other then that it was awesome. Im looking forward to a sequel so keep up the good work man. email me at hikarukarasu@sbcglobal.net if you want any ideas for a sequel.

gavD responds:

Thanks SageOdarknes!

The game is about speed - when you get knocked down, run up or down immediately to escape getting knocked back down...

easy...yet addictive, good job!

do another one with different moves, and more levels.

gavD responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm not planning on making a sequel to this game, but I'm working on others.

never played a gamr like that before

who ever that guy is on the review page that told me he helped create this is seriously hot! great game, different. i was a bit dshit at it but i had fun none-the-less. check it out people!

gavD responds:

Thanks for playing spazmod! There are five people who helped create this game: myself (gavD - code and sound effects), evol_art (graphics), Staedler and Waldorf and the Archangel (music).