Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

very cerative

but i like matrix and dracula


Graphics were excellent, unfortunately I didn't find the jokes funny, and that's all it was really about, so I can't give you a high score. Work on the jokes and you'll have a winner!

hahahahaha very funny flash. keep it up.

these kegals r getting better and better. Real funny.


There should've been some interactivity like choose your ending type thing. The dirty bastard Sisqo should've went with Keanu as well... anyways jato u did a great job but next time ...... MORE VIOLENCE!

Simply Great

I watched Kegel with the special appearance of Enrique Eglesius (sp?) hehe, this one is great. Calista Flockhart's rantings were quite funny and the J-Lo doll was a great addition. Bravo.

Keep it up and don't fail in quality.