Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

I was wondering why this wasn't under the Matrix section. I just associate Keanu Reeves with those films. Anyway, the animation was quite good. I had no idea it was just something Kegel made up. He didn't do offscreen teleportation. I could see their noses on screen at the same time!

Still very funny. It helps that Kegel's voice is so good. I would have chosen Adam Sandler and Katherine Hiegl. I know little about Calista Flockhart. Probably all for the better.


Another hillarious episode in the world of Kegel! lmao, great graphics, smooth animation and a short, smooth and interesting plot as well. Keep up the great work!


somewhat funny

I like how you thought that lady from "ally Mc Beal" was crazy, and not in a good way. Why do people starve themselves? It's not attractive and I know plenty of guys who want women with meat on them than those who look like a twig. Anyway, it was kinda funny and keep up the good work.


Haha!!! Where on earth did you get Kegel's voice???? I LOVED the way he counted down from 10...haha. You should make Kegel t-shirts seriously!


"I put a firecracker down keanu's pants " OMG LOL