Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"


Very good indeed, keep making these...the jokes were great.


Man I love kegel I don't know what it is mabye his voice or somthing... how do you do his voice damnit? Anywayz at first I didn't think this one was gonna be that great until the fire work took off it was all funny as hell after that especially when kegel says oh I stuck a firecracker down keanu's pants ahah thats fucken funny shit right there foo!!! The one anoying thing that really stole away from this movie was that anoying SKIP thing all your movies do... You don't have to put goto statements at the end of every scene.... but a 4 frame kicker at the start of your movies and it will keep it from going out of SYNC and also rid you of that stupid SKIP problem!!! But anywayz man... keep the kegel series going KEGEL R OCKS FOR SURE!