Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

friggin awesome!

this is an example of "When Flash Movies are Good!" this is one of the best celebrity bashings on newgrounds. this is worth a 5. just look over to the left of your screen and push the little yellow happy pico icon. Kegel is an awesome character. he needs to have more movies.

RaverChick8386 is a dumb bitch

You stupid slut, how dare you give this movie a 3??? This is a 5 all the way, Kegel rockz da house and JLO simply bites dick!
SCRU YOU RAVERCHICK, if you can't recognize quality flash, go kill yourself, help the world!
Jay, please give me more Kegel!

p.s. what's the name of the big brown dog? he's kinda cool too!

jato responds:

thanks! i'm glad you like kegel! the name of the big brown dog is argus.


I was loving the video until you made fun of JLO. I love JLO, I'm one of her biggest fans... I was going to give you a 4 until then, so you got a 3... moron

this movie was phat


Really worth seeing

That was pretty fucking good