Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

My balls itch cuz it rules!

Great! Wonderful! Stupendous! Kick ass! Make more more MORE!


this was an outstanding movie, great use of flash and nice sound and voices.


This is the best flash film i have ever seen. the plot line was great, the dialoge was even better! the only thing that might have set this movie back was the challenger thing, but i can see the shock value for the final punch line.

Well not the best but..... CLOSE TO IT!

That movie wuz great make more plz. Nothun more to say but funny and very creative you deserve ur position in the top 5. If anyone wants to know how to make good movies or to see probably the best flash movie I know of go to ShockAnime.com
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Yeah, mosta the stuff is true...
How sad... but anywayz the sound was really "not good". J-Lo... What was she thinking??? Hahaha, not as bad as P. Diddy!
Stupid names... Keanu Reeves, bleh, he shouldn't be back 4 more, this is my sincereist hope. Not many of the movies he's done are "worthy". Finally anorexicx like this "FlockHart" lady. How sad... but funni touch - "Her body's eating her own brain for nourishment." - Haha. Bad part was the way u kinda desecrated the deaths of the "Challenger" shuttle explosion. Not good. Firecracker was a good touch as well. Bravo! Fix ur sound though!

c u latez~~

P.S. Got Rice?