Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

didnt find it particularly amusing

not because im a right wing conservative but the jokes just weren't amusing as cheap shots or intelectually amusing either. but the drawings were good and it continues the kegel concept, sort of a rip off of dk project, with a bit less style, but its still a good flick.


I don't think it was as good as the other Kegel, but still it's some funny shit! I love Kegel's original voice and that other bear, the way he's so insignificant. Keep the Kegel episodes coming!P.S. Your graphics are supurb!


this sooo kicks ass, make more!

Kegel frickin funny

Man, Kegel is the best flash "series" on the portal! While this episoid (sp?) isn't as funny as the first it's damn close. I love kegel's kinda-of-jewish accent. Definatly bring Sisqo back to your cartoons. More! More!

That Was Funny!

This Was A Great Flash. i Really Liked How Your Idea Of Vote People Off The Earth Using " The Weakest Link ", As A Reference. The Sounds Were Great As Well As Acturate. Could Have Used More Violence Thought, Oh Well.