Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

Very original, I liked it.

I gave a high rating for violence despite the lack of blood and gore and whatnot, simply because it conveyed the idea of violence better than other NG fare even without all that. It was very funny, although there are a lot more celebrities I'd like to kill than that. Lets see, everybody who's ever been on the radio, MTV, or television at all for that matter. Except the people I like. =) And I really think that Keanu Reave's performance in The Matrix should forgive the rest of his poor acting. I liked the console diss at the beginning, I hate them damn things. Computers rule! (Remember, Playstation (R) motherboard?) Okay, bye.

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Funny, sarcastic, and J-Lo DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure Jennifer Lopez is a lovely multi talented beautiful women who doesnt deserve and explosive death, but she calls herself J-Lo, so fuck her. Keanu CANNOI do accents, and deserves to dies for his big acting lapse in The Matrix when confronted with a battery. Calista, eat something godammit!
Now that i have got my 'Celeb Rage' out of the way. This is a fantastically AMDE portal entry. I say MADE in capital letter cos, to be mean, it wasnt THAT funny, only snort funny. But the graphics kicked major ass, and it is a good idea. The whole thing just reeks of being created well by people who care, only not a 10 cos it didnt make me laugh very much. Ok, i'm mean. Sorry all.

Close to perfect!

Original, creative and funny with a bit of violence mixed in for good measure, this animation is a great example of an almost
perfect movie.
I'm looking forward to more like this!

Very Funny Keep up the good work

Funny with good animation and senseless violence, what more do you need. The sound seemed muffle at times but its still a great peice of work.

Funny Stuff

HA HA! Very Funny! Keep up the Funny Stuff!