Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

That was great!

Thank god we have those funny guys! Good job on the Jennifer Lopez bashing.

i hate calitsa flockheart

nice job it was really funny seeing that skiny bitch die :)

not too shabby

this is a pretty good movie and its relly original not like sum portal movies ive seen (**cough**repeated mikey movies**cough**) i like the way they use a stick to represent calista flockhart and the firecracker down keanu's pants.

This is so great!!!

That was so funny. Great graphics while at the same time keeping the load to a small time. This is the first movie in a while that deserves to be the feature of the day. The characters were great, and I love that you sent Calista Flockhart and Jennifer Lopez up. I can't wait to see what else you come up with good job.

this is great man, keep making more!

This was as good as the other one. I hope to see more of Kegal!