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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"


hes not trying to insult 40k he is insulting 40k.
theres bound to be someonewho wants to do that, what amazesme is that someone could actually be arsed to make an animation about a topic that he blatanlty isnt much of a fan of, or if he is the hes got a very strange way of showing it.

Games Workshop would sue you!!

You really are trying to insult Warhammer 40k, arent you?

Heh, heh.. Awesome

I love that random Hive Tyrant that runs all over the place. Such an awesome movie! You should make more! Someone has to make fun of the Imperium :P The line about the Emporer ordering people around from the throne is hilarious! Poor Kevin XD


thats a good one right there.whens the number 2 coming out.


Ya so your story is like the Halo guys in a way but if funny and I like it