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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"

The Emperor Demands Tacos!

That was one of the funniest things I think I have ever seen. It is definitely a complete inside joke, but for those of us who understand, it does not get any better.
You totally need to keep the series going, because I would watch all of them


if ure gonna use our advise 2 make da next dont do it about chaos do it about necrons and da nightbringer+deciver....

Funny as hell.

Good and i too had a similar thought. Try a chaos one next it would be funny to see to daemons talking about that lol.


dude that was fantastic! i loved the part with the emperor demands tacos lol u know when i imagined space marines talking it was a very similiar situation.

Pretty funny....

but I can tell you must not really play warhammer, or just don't know the story in it.