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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"


Well, he sits in a throne with life support built into it. Unless they changed it in the newest rulebook, then the answer is right there. Anyway the movie was exelent, and I am eager to see the next one.

lol funny

That was fucky funny man,but the emperor dose'nt sit on the throne, he in some kind of tomb,basicly a big life suport system, that he lays in and is fed souls every day,he was crippled anyeays by killing a heresy that almost took out man kind for good,but still he can demand tacos if he wants.

That Was AWESOME! Tzeentch demands Bratwurst!

That was freaking incredible! Its #1 on my favorites list! I showed this to my 40k gaming gaming group and they cracked up like i ad never seen! The animation and story and stuff were excellent! Could you do anything on chaos marines? Ive been waiting for ages to see a good 40k flash series, and my wait is over! Keep up the great work! This should be on the front page! Aww man! So awesome! By the way, what was that one song that you used when the guy said the emperor wants tacos? it sounded familiar. Could you ever give Ahriman a cameo in one of your cartoons? my gaming group would love that. If you ever have chaos in your toon though, please show them beating the snot out of some eldar. Keep up that awesome work!

For the Emperor!

The Emperor Demands Tacos!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! alalalalalalalalaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


i collect warhammer and i thought this was really Good. lol "the emperor is a dick" just so funny. please make a series