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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"

i think this is the best warhammer movie ever lol

the emperor wants a taco i like my space marines 2 b rouge

OK, everybody hands up, i whant the taco NOW!!!!

Is that the only reason all of the universe in in war?!?!? So the emperor can get his G-Dam taco??? Im switching to caos... Lol, you have to teach me to paint mustaches on top of SMs armour.


Absolutely hilarious, favourite lines were "someday I WILL be a singer on Broadway" and "THE EMPEROR... DEMANDS... TACOS!" If you don't make more of these I will kill myself!

too funny

that was rlly funny koo vid keep them up


I never tought I'd laught about the emperor. This is so brillant. XD Omg the emperor wants tacos. I must fight evil tyranids to get him tacos XD Omg XD