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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"

Man this is just how i see Space Marines

This flash is great" Especially for 40K Fans. Its just like real marines. They'll do anythin for their empror. Don't like their chaplain tho!! Not like the one on my army!! Kepp it up this is hilarious.

heheheheee me likes

I usually find this sort of satire quite offencive when focussed upon something that i take so seriously, but it just puts the whole warhammer flash genre in percpective. I personally find animations with disregard for fluff more irritating.


not bad graphic and sound wise but as xaxius said the background info could have been morea accurate ....fans (like me yes im a WH geek) might get a lil peeved off but good flash overall

Umm... yeah, i think its crap.

im not meaning to be a jerk, but im a big Warhammer 40,000 geek and when i see things like this they seem more like an insult than a tribute, so...

1. Space marines aren't drafted (Imperial Guard does the draft thing) They use a selection process to eliminate the weaker neophytes. Its usualy a tournament involving tests of endurance, concentraton, fitness, and skill in hand to hand combat, and many of the Neopytes die during the hand to hand combat (many chapters actualy encourage the neophytes to kill their oponent). So in order to be a consentious(i probably didnt spell that corectly) objector you would have to fight and posibly kill another Neophyte (hell you may even end up fighting your brother or best friend). As a matter of fact a consentious obector would probably be executed on grounds of heresy. (Oh and the Librarians probaby do a screening of some sort.)

2. the whole emperor bit was realy inacurate, it would have fit the 40k universe better if they complained about the fact that every day psykers die just to keep him alive.

3. the weapons the marines were carying were all wrong. As far as i can remember the only space marines that can carry two bolt pistols are Chaos Space Marines, Raptors to be specific (if im wrong let me know.) the only marine weapons i saw in the entire thing were bolt pistols.

sorry... if i keep goin im probably gonna get caried away and get in trouble.

but in general i think that if its meant to be a tribute at least folow the guidelines set by the rulebook and codexes(spelling?) kay.

One of the best

One of the best or the best warhammer 40k or evan warhammer tributes out there and im glad you have done this cos i have noticed an extreamly small amout of warhammer newgrounds and
id like to say well done on a great jod hopefully ill see this other one on the front page very sooon