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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"


Im a 40K fan i think this is great. Jeez why cant some people have a sense of humor sometimes for serious things (its just a game^^) And THE EMPORER NEEDS HIS TACOS. Lol i liked all of the 3 marines come out with episode 2 because its almost been a year for episode one came out so HURRY UP ><!


"what's yo beef with the emperor?"
"the emperor...demand...TACOS!"



"the emperor's a dick" haha that was amazing. i love this stuff.

Its cute

i think it was cute,very nicely done.
"The Emperor...Demands...Tacos!!"


This was great, I havent laughed that hard at a good flash for a long time. Excellent work on the models!

"Hey... theres a war going on." Ted
"I noticed..." Hank
"Well why didnt you tell me?"Ted
"I didnt want to interupt you, that would be rude."Hank
God I love it