Reviews for "old wink game thing"


Very original,great grapics cant wait to see more of your work

Games of Gondor never ceases to amaze me

Great. It screwed up a lot, so I downloaded it, and it rocks!! I love the stealth.

i love it

this is probaliy the best thing you've done with the whole link series keep it up oh and try to make a link in the matrix game and/or movie eitherone will be awsome because everything else is (sorry for some incorrect spelling)

this is so awsesome..

there was never any glitch..untill when i always use my staff to hit them and they go plop to the screen =.='..other than that..this game is perfect (:


i just got to the boss without the game glitching once!!! i hope he is programmed soon so i can kick his ass!!! :P anyways best game ever.