Reviews for "old wink game thing"


ya i think i found a glitch in the game were the second guy u meet the 2nd gard well u just seek up on him and grab him and walk 2 1 of the spots that look like a dich and u fall down and u still look like ur holding him when ur not and ur hand is not there and its like a secret pasage......i found it out on my first tme playing it....andyways this is a great game takes time but its fun and great


OMG it was so frustrating i couldnt get the stupid air staff or whatever because the fire guys and the air guys kept hitting me and i didnt have enough time to pick up the stupid thing otherwise it was ok

oh yes it is fun

You, my fine fellowed friend, are just jealous of this. You don't deserve to be critisizing others, because you SUCK ass as well.


This game is great, nice work! i hope that you make a sequel

Awesome Almost like Thing Thing but more fun!