Reviews for "old wink game thing"


Really great game, I loved the gameplay, but it was a bit slow, and there were some bugs in it. I'd love to play an updated version, and I hope to see many more like this one

Amazing, glitches and all.

Regardless of the occasional glitch, this game is awesome. It's sleek, the animations are hilarious and smooth, the music was perfect, and the main character is badass. Anyway, I'll check back every now and then for updates so I can finish the game, and keep up the amazing work, my friend. Peace.


pretty cool but i see theres still faults...
good job at all ^^

wink is a sexy beast!

the first time i ran this game, there was no lagging/glitching, but the second, there was. other than that, it was really fun! wink is a hottie!


It's just so fun sneakin' up on a guy, then you're like:"Ha, I've got you now" then you just kill the dude, and you're like:"Well, I found the staff.... oh, he doesn't have one, uh..he he he...." Great game. Great graphics. Great concept.