Reviews for "old wink game thing"


shit prelaoder i didnt think there was a game, thats probably why such a low score mate.
but it was a great game

,,,,| /\_/\ |,,,,

two thumbs WAY WAY UP!!!!! great great game. so great its got me repeating myself, repeating myself... j/k only 1 bug i found where there was just enough space between a rock and a wall for wink to fall in and get stuck, other than that i hope you dont change a thing. Instead of taking winks invincibilty away i would suggest making his down time longer or make the bogies attack faster. I think the invincibility is not a detriment to the game at all. please for the love of whoever you worship make a sequil.


ya i think i found a glitch in the game were the second guy u meet the 2nd gard well u just seek up on him and grab him and walk 2 1 of the spots that look like a dich and u fall down and u still look like ur holding him when ur not and ur hand is not there and its like a secret pasage......i found it out on my first tme playing it....andyways this is a great game takes time but its fun and great

Very fun

this is good

this game is good i finish it without being hit by dragon