Reviews for "old wink game thing"

glitches found

in the begining i dont start at the plane next to the plane. (instead, i start i front of it.) and when i run wink disapears outside the screen.

15! i found 15 glitches!!!

plz make it better!!!

Found a glitch too.

I had a wind staff and i try to climb a mountain and i walk through it! I tried going back but he went inthe same direction!(moonwalk) Other than that very good game oh and add some health please!!!!!!!!

pretty good

I thought it was pretty good, but after a while it got boring, had to go back to get another staff often

found a glitch.

while holding an enemy by the neck i walked down a cliff and then it happened... it was WEIRD. i;ll give you a 5 for effort though. :P