Reviews for "old wink game thing"

Fuck Yeah Man!

I loved it, Wink kicks ass! But there are waaaaaaay toooooo many bugs in this game, for example every once in a while the quality will start randomly changing from low to high and the screen starts shaking, also when you grab an enemy and walk up hill, the enemy stays at the same level it was and you move up the hill, plus, it s really hard to grab an object or enemy at some times even when you are right over it, but besides that I absolutely loved it!!!


Youve just made me fall in love with the whole wink series!


The sheer quality of Flash(flash games specifically) in general has really been increasing lately. Great job, everyone who's associated with any of those wonderful creations. Especially you two, Gel and Dustball...
*sexy voice* Menage-tua? Wink-wiiink...


i liked this game. it had really good graphics. keep up the good work guys.

wink is a sexy beast!

the first time i ran this game, there was no lagging/glitching, but the second, there was. other than that, it was really fun! wink is a hottie!