Reviews for "old wink game thing"

I'd give this 11

I'd give this 11 if i could. Despite the glitches, it was one of the best flash games i have ever seen. I got to the dragon.

Heres a tip, Get the lightning rod on top of the roof by bouncing off the two guards heads in a row. without landing on the ground.

Get the dragon in soon please.

Once again, brilliant flash despite the glitches.


loved every inch of it! accpet the lack of aboss,but it said chek back later, so ill asume u will update it. took me a while tobeat itglitch free, but if you delete all your cookies before you play it each time, its less glitchy


Great. I Love it. The First time i started it had bugs. I can tell you the thing why the bug comes. If you skip the intro then the bug occurs. Well, I played one more time and that time i watched the intro. It worked.Anyways you got my 5. Favourites, too.

this is an awsome game!!!!

OMG!! this is so cool! the graphics were great, the sounds, everything I happen to randomly discover!!! wow!!! you deserve every point!! 10!!! keep up the awsome work!!

Good, except for the bugs >.>

It looks good but i think i started under the level. work out the bugs and submit it and i'll give it a good score.

P.S. the loop music is strange sounding