Reviews for "old wink game thing"

Simply remarkable

I loved playing this game, i wish there were more.
next time make it longer, maybe with several levels to it with mini bosses

Real coool

Real awesome once you get the game running. Keep on making more. I look forward to when the game is running smoothly. Even when it glitches, the game is so addicting that you just reload and try it again.

loved it

I really and truly think this may be my favorite NG game with the acception of the glitches, the little guy was so cute... :-P that sounded gay haa haa. Oh well, keep up the good work and lemme know if you get anything new in :-D


Besides the fact i lost sound when doing a melle attack and hit one intot he glass, it was a fun game. GJ

fun stuff

can't wait to you finish the boss level. everything else works fine for me though. well now at least, at first it was all funky.