Reviews for "old wink game thing"


omg, forget the bugs! great game dude! Wink kicks ass. I've been watchin since he was 99k. the game is awesome and i hope u can fix everything so everyone else can see how great it is. I like the fact that u put the boss there, even though he's not programed yet. great game, and i suggest bigger and even better things from u guys. keep up the good work.


All I have to say is wow, this is the best flash game I have ever played.. if you fix the bugs(screen shaking, crashing) then I would feel bad for playing this for free

the graphics of coarse are great

there is no style like this, hiding, choking, stumping on heads.. if I wouldnt know better, this could be a great handheld game

dustball has got sound.. nuff said

violence is just choking and shooting, no blood

interactivity, its a game, duh

humor, you cant not get laugh when you hear wink running

overall, best game i've ever played on flash..

a great game... but something seem imposible

After the first wind door... i cant take the lighting staff to its door, because the wind ledge dont stays open.

but everything else its marvelous, the meele attack is awesome and freaking fun.


This biz-nitch owns the f**k.
This @%#! is the #$%!
%&$@ man, I played this bi-ah-tch like it was a f**kin' god.

But seriously, nice game. It was smooth, and round, like titties.

Rating the game in anticipation of the fix

If you ever get this thing running in the way you intended it, you will have the best flash game I have ever played. It's like a Splinter Cell platformer. Excellent job on the parts that work so far.

By the way, if your little man is looking like he's getting nowhere, try the jump button just once. You'll see why it was taking so long to run.