Reviews for "old wink game thing"

Very nice

I dunno what other people say about this game but i liked it alot it was pretty realistic. finish the boss so i can finally finish the game lol good job though


Real cool... just finish the boss.

Supa fly.

The best game I ever played. Infact, I haven't enjoyed any submission of any kind as much as i enjoyed this. I don't see how it only has a 4/5...

Farking amazing.


great game i like it its not 2 hard its fun and i like how u can sna there necks thats cool great job man cant wait tell its finshed ^_^

i found a working one and beat it

for people wantintg the ending after you beat up the dragon you go to rescue the chick and your girl friend came over in a helicopter and crushed the princess with the helicopter with her exxelenct driving skills too and it shows wink and the girl friend playing a video game the whole time