Reviews for "Broken (Heavy Video Game Loop)"

pretty awsome

All it needs is some brutal inhale gurgling or some deep bloody growls. but on the other hand its still a good song, nice job!

NightWake responds:

They are on the vocalized version in the author comments
This is just a loop flash devs can use

Thanks for the review mate :)

holly shit

your my favorit band on new grounds you fucking rock never stop

NightWake responds:

Just one dude
Tried to start a band
Then tried again
Gave up

My computer said he would do drums and bass
Im really just here for show
Computer does all the real work

wow if u do angryfaice it looks dead evil

i love the song thanx 4 makin it :D

NightWake responds:

Thax for listening and reviewing mate :D

Sweet! no cut

Unlike other loops on newgrounds, you don't hear where it cuts when it loops, That's one of the best things about this loop, plus it's metal so, rock on.

NightWake responds:

I tried really hard to make a loop that would do that
Thank you for noticing, that means alot to me mate


this is like the best song on this page!! please keep em coming :D

NightWake responds:

Thanks mate :)
I put alot of effort into my music and its good to see people enjoying it :)