Reviews for "Broken (Heavy Video Game Loop)"

I Love It

I'm Going To Use This For The Music For A College Coding Project.
I'll Eventually Upload It To Newgrounds. I'll Make Sure I Send People Your Way For Music =D


it is a loop song well kindy of but it still good

rock on

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Would be such a good song for fighting hellish creatures like demons. just blowing the shit out of them with bad ass guns.OH YEAH 10 FING STARS ALL THE WAY.


Epic loop dude. You should know i love industrial metal and other stuff like that.

Make moar.

NightWake responds:

I have, I put some on NewGrounds the others are coming up in an album

OMG dude!

it's just amazing ! i really love it, you said you want it in a game? i actually make a remake of resident evil 4 (with personal mods) can i put this song in mercenaries mode for a character ?

NightWake responds: