Reviews for "Broken (Heavy Video Game Loop)"


if i make a rpg game im definately using this. that is if i ever get the stuff i need to make one...XD

NightWake responds:

sounds good mate

i look forward to it :)

Sweet and aewsome

I am going to use this during the helicopter scene in my series. Great job dude.

NightWake responds:

Dude if you did I would srsly love you forever, it would mean so much to me!

Send me a link when you make it dude, please.
Ill make sure you get some veiws on it too mate.

headbannging music XD

I can make lyrics to go with heavy metal beats
but i suck at singing
they say I have the rhythm and im not tone def its just I cant sing good
I need some 1 to help me practice

NightWake responds:

you can make lyrics to this if you want
ive got the full song coming out soon if you want that

please dont be offended if i dont use your lyrics as I have already made my own and I dont do much colab stuff over the net mate
sorry, it just never works out good enough

i cant help you practice, but you can use my music to do whatever you want mate


I would totally use this (if I made flash)
But I guess it's never too late to start, eh?

NightWake responds:

thanks mate
it would mean alot to me if you used my music in something :)

ok for this

its more like a intro to a flash video not really a boss fight mabe lead music right befor a boss fight tho idk keep it up ...