Reviews for "Broken (Heavy Video Game Loop)"


I loved this a bit more than the longer version with vocals. brutal like others said ^^

NightWake responds:

Thanks mate

The vocal version is yet to be 100% completed
Thus its not as refined as this track


Hey, great job bro! keep it up. you have the spirit of metal on your side.

NightWake responds:

haha mad

wish I could get Jesus on my side


Otherwise good, but the bass drum sound is annoying in my opinion.

NightWake responds:

I hear that alot from people

Man, it's a blast!

Can i put it in a shoot'em up game that i'm making? It have the feeling that i was looking for! Im make games on Game maker, i'm from Brazil. If you want to see my work talk with me!

I *Loved* your song.

NightWake responds:

Np mate
It would be great to hear my song in a game!

Head banging madeness!

Really could not stop head banging that is how great this song is!

NightWake responds:

Thanks mate :)