Reviews for "Broken (Heavy Video Game Loop)"


Sounds like something you'd hear in Devil May Cry. Good job man.

NightWake responds:

Thanks mate


i would totally fight to this music. nice job man! :)

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Thanks mate


Good tune must agree it would work well for an rpg fight however nobuo uematsu's compositions are a huge part of FF games so i dont think id replace them tbh.. anyway got a bit off track nice loop dude well done

could be a bit more atmospheric something is missing hence the 4/7

NightWake responds:

fair nuff

I agree, it needs a solo type thing over it
I am working on it

Thanks for the review mate


I never thought a heavy metal loop could work like this. This would work perfect for a boss fight in an RPG... Hmm, now there's a thought: make an RPG with heavy metal music instead of those whimsical orchestrals. It'd be like Final Fantasy meets Gears of War, or somethin' like that. lol

Down to the point, this is an awesome loop, and it deserves to be in a game! If I was any good with that kind of stuff, I'd so use this. Meh, maybe in a couple years.

-Crossel left his mark here...

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Thank you for such a great review mate :)


dude, please check out someone for me


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they are fair heavy