Reviews for "Broken (Heavy Video Game Loop)"

Oh wow!

This is a grand piece of work! Though I understand that it is a loop, perhaps there is a way to make a full length track of this song? Only reason I give a 9 is for length. I wish there was more for this song! It's inspirational!

NightWake responds:

yeah, I made that about 3 months ago

the link is right there in the authors comments

imma gunna go hang myself for the nine you gave me

awesome stuff!

dude this is an epic track. this is headed to my ipod bro!

NightWake responds:

Sweet, thanks for the review mate

Good - but..

I don't see how this would fit into a game on any real scene. Yes, it's a great piece of work, but it doesn't suit anything. It's too fast paced for menu audio, too epic for a battle, and it doesn't fit a boss battle.

The only thing I could really see it working for is something with a falling cave, but even then it wouldn't be a good choice for it.

If the heavy beat in the background were too be replaced, along with the small techno sounds, this would probably get into a lot more games. idk.

NightWake responds:

When I made this all I wanted to do was get into games
Now all I really care about is making the music

It would get into more games if I changed it
But thats not what I'm about anymore

It did make it into afew movies though

i keep forgetting that it

loops..... seriously, awesome job with that, i keep hearing the same beat but my brain doesn't hear that. even after an hour of having it blasted into my ears I'm loving every minute.

I'm dling this to my Xbox and looping it to my video games...

NightWake responds:



Its a Great sound to games like shooter :)
I dig it ;)

NightWake responds:

I've been trying to get this into some games, but no-one wants it :(