Reviews for "Broken (Heavy Video Game Loop)"

Better without vocals.

I really like this, I listen to it while driving to work at the prison. It puts me in the mood to kill them all and laugh about it as my co-worker stare on in shock and dismay. Of course, this is only a fantasy...

NightWake responds:

I drove to a prison today
Thats so weird that I would read this after driving to a prison

Loops are fun

This is an awesome heavy metal loop. I could listen to it for hours lol.

NightWake responds:

Your awesome for listening to it :)

reminds a bit of painkiller

awesome loop^^
nuff sed

NightWake responds:

Thankz bru


yo are heavy metal gad

NightWake responds:

Nawwwwww thanks mate :D

fuckin great

take this shit, add more shit to it, make it longer, add good vocals, give it a fucked up name, and find a record company.

NightWake responds:

I did that shit

Heres that shit:
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/248879

I didn't have time for a fucked up name tho......