Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

Oh, shitz!

It be Sirkowski! O_o

Very nice. I loved the music, sound effects, voices, and most of all, those graphics. That shit was amazing (Just like all the other MD's).

Funny shit...

Great movie.

rolling over in the grave!!

Some people have an apparent lack of intelligence to realize that we have been making fun of dead people since...well, since they've been dead!! Everyone wants to be a believer...too bad half of them are going to hell and are to damn dumb to acknowldge it. I am quite sure this woman is happy to be done with the shit that this world was putting her through!! BTW, GREAT ANIME!! The graphics were hotter than sin! and this a flick that would make even the most dead of the dead grab their ribs with laughter!! Keep defying the stupid people..you rock!!


funny as hell!!!!11!!111111

Freak out!

That kid will be a pefect gigolo in the jail.