Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

terri schiavo sucks

thank you! im tired of this sickened withering idiot taking up the airwaves. its a waste of time. why cant they just blow her away like that.

To cherrorist

Dont talk cuz ur not christian ............so you basically dont understand anythin :D

Beware all ye Jesus-freaks...

That was pretty damn good, short, but sweet. I love your drawing style and the voice acting from Kagome/something/something/something else from various anime's was good. All these people saying "ooh, you'll go to hell, ooh, god won't like you for this, naughty naughty." If god gave 2 shits he wouldn't make people with terminal illnesses surely? What he just suddenly decides, "hmm, too many still-born babies recently, I'll just give someone a disease which means they can't do shit but still get to breathe." Oh yea, real fucking humane, if I was retarded/terminally ill, I'd rather die and if I see your "god" on my way up to heaven I'll be sure to stick my foot up his ass and give him your regards everybody.
BACK TO THE FLASH! I liked it, that little kid was saying what everyone else is thinking...

Damn that was sweet...

This is an awesome flash! The background music fit the situation really well. When i saw the shotgun in the beginning i nearly pissed myself right there i was laughing so hard! Good job.
Terri should just die.


I would have to say...... I LOVED IT!!!! I am sick in the mind so i enjoyed it alot. But those people who give this a bad review they can eat a big ass fucking dingle berry from a cows ass!!