Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

Nice Flash

Although I wish the other reviewers would not disrespect the dead, even if the dead is technically still alive.

I would like to see the looks on their faces when they feel how Terri Shiavo feels.


I'm with ya man

Seriously, Im with you here man. Stop the whiny people who want to continue to see her suffer as a vegetable, let her die and be with whatever god she believes in, and send her the way of old yeller. The whole thing is getting ridiculous, and too many people are whining! just stop all our sufferings, especially Terri's, and let her go!


Look dudes, this isnt making fun of terry shaivo, this is making fun of the people who want her dead. This is pretty funny.

Sirkowski...Your right...it is wrong what they are doing....God doesnt hate you and you didnt deserve to have your account hacked.

Good job...funny

I just didn't get it... at all

I don't see what's the matter with this person, thousands of people are in that state, and all of you hipocrites just turn around and evade them, see them like freaks. BUT one rich kid, woman, man or that got the accident or whatever shit at the right time, and all you pussies are crying for 5 minutes and then forget until someone mention the person.

I would really like to see any of you pussies get near one of those people that have the same problem and stay WITH them for a day or until they die.

I don't get what was the deal with this person, but I laughed hard when the kid asked Eva if he could garb her Boobs and she asked for her gun

Wow.... the 0 overall reviews are funny...

...theyre so dumb its funny :).

First that girl was technicly ALREADY dead she couldn't do anything her brain had most of its parts "dead" plus she had such a huge drama going on around her it gets annoying.
People just wanted her to die for good or heal tho it's impossible since they cant bring back those parts alive again and also she was in that state for what?... YEARS? And suddenly she'll recover? Nonesense I'm not against those with mental problems or in coma etc. But theres a certain point where you gotta mark the line.
They couldn't do ANYTHING.

Maybe you think it's not funny, good it's YOUR opinion tho I think it rocked I was tired of her spamming the tv with the drama aura going around...

As for the flash it was great the animation the humour ( i found it funny if you don't well I dont care =) ) and I'm glad to know you're finally back I love this series, hehe make more please.