Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

Hahaha! YAY! :D

The Miss Dynamite series was great, I'm really glad it's not dead. It sure looked like it. And don't worry, your animation skills look better than ever :) Can't wait till XVI comes out!

I like the kid

Very, VERY nice. I'm very happy you decided to come back. Although I must say, new voice for Eva and the dialogue dosen't seem to match very well. Yet I still like that voice and especially the kid...
Viva la 'Random act of shocking violence'!!


thats great. i like your art style it was funny and it made me laugh so my day is now good

Hold on!

In Old Yeller, the kid's name was Travis, not Tommy.

who are these people?

who watches a miss dynamite cartoon featuring terri schiavo, and is shocked at what they see?
you guys never dissapoint. always a favorite. i love the voice talent you get in these. always pros. and the animation is great. love it.