Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"


your a man now
so can i see your tits?



I think Jesus hates me because I near pissed myself doing that... But, otherwise... TITS OR GTFO

who are these people?

who watches a miss dynamite cartoon featuring terri schiavo, and is shocked at what they see?
you guys never dissapoint. always a favorite. i love the voice talent you get in these. always pros. and the animation is great. love it.

can i see ur tits now

that was great !!
but its like always.
too short,
have a good one keep it up


its good! funny and evrything... bit short but... good for the lenght!

and to evryone who think that this is so horible... why didnt they not just shoot her in the first place? no pain then! so i got to say... take it easyyy "detdetdededede" (yes i have been playing too much guitar hero)