Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

Good but...

Damn!... do you want dat b*tch laid out like dat!?
Sh*t she's dyin in 2 days too dogg.

god damn, who the fuck cares

the bitch is retarded and basicly doesnt even have an oponion or a care if she dies because shes prain dead, she CAN feel pain so just save her the pain of starving to death, shooting her takes more heart then letting her live her meaningless life or starve to death

That was kool man! ;)

If all the internet show those kind of movies i'll be very happy!!

If only...

That was a great flash. I've been getting tired of all the bible humpers whining about Schiavo.


... damn. I don't know whether to blam you or run screaming.. or what.

Anyway, damn Jesus Freaks.