Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

Oh Snap! How Obscured{wink}

Thats how the courts should decide how to do it putter down old yeller style. Hooray. Agian its the democratics vs. the republicans whos a going to find out next week. No need for contusting quibbling this mighty fine chef d'oeuvre. Better watch your hate mail box lmao.

One word is needed to discribe this......


thank you. some one with compasion

Since I heard of that girl and her problem thats what i suggested they do (that or less messy leathal injection) be quick painless and no suffering. pure gold, this is sure to be a age old classic for many years to come on this site (even after we forget who the hell terri is)

great work keep em coming


Terry Schiavo is a vegetable, and there's nothing we can do to save her. Her parents don't have a say in anything and neither does her sister. It's pointless to keep her alive, just commit Euthanasia already... She's half dead and living off of mushed food. She's dying inside and she knows it, just let her drop head.

That was hilarious! Disgusting, but still...

I was just having a conversation with a friend today, and the gist of it was this:

No disrespect to her, but she might as well be a dog. Sure, she seems to recognize when her mother enters the room, but my dog greets me too, when I get home. If we can put down a dog, why can't we put down a braindead human?

So I thought it was especially funny because it just seemed so coincidental, what with the "It's my dog, I'll do it." Her husband should be able to put that sick puppy down.

And in response to King_Yoshi's review: SHE IS PRACTICALLY BRAINDEAD. Sure, it would suck if you were dying and you saw people on the internet making fun of your plight, but the fact is, she can't use the computer. There's no solid evidence that she can even feel the pain of starvation, let alone feel sad about a flash cartoon. So quit you're crying, you little emo girl, it's not like this hurts her.