Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

Lemme see those tits plz?

That was funny. i didnt excepct him to shoot the person lolz. Make anothor one with tits plz!! HORNY!!

That wuz FUCKED up

It was really fucked up, but I liked it. I think god is going to send me to hell for liking this. I loved the line "Can I see yur tits now." That was some funny shit.

friken sweet

that was really cool dude nice animation.


I laughed sooooo much! This was very short, but holy shit! I bet your going to have some serious protests against this work of yours! LOL

That was hilarious.

As soon as the kid said, "It's my dog, I'll do it," I started laughing my ass off. Great job!