Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

holy shit

That was fuckin awesome. I watched that like 10 times in a row cause i couldnt stop laughin. And everybody else out there terri schiavo should die, she is just taking up space in a hospital and no one who cares wants her dead. hell i do. I dont dont care what anyone else says.


somethign i thought id never see, and hoped nto too but still VERY FUNNY


That was very funny!! its my dog let me do it. so can ur tites now?

I loved it!!!

Finally something i can laugh at. I am tired of hearing about that damn terry person. Oh and to all of you jesus loving freaks...YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK!!!!

thank you. some one with compasion

Since I heard of that girl and her problem thats what i suggested they do (that or less messy leathal injection) be quick painless and no suffering. pure gold, this is sure to be a age old classic for many years to come on this site (even after we forget who the hell terri is)

great work keep em coming