Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Twas Good

I liked it, bit short. The animation while he was walking up the stairs looked weird. Good choices of music except you didn't put stops in, all three track overlapped on mine and kept going. So really these are just technical hitches I'm dropping the score on. I've seen Kong so I know you're a good animator though.

Pretty good...

I enjoyed the facial art of the characters very much, however, the animation was a bit choppy (however, given this was your first flash, and you've undoubtedly improved since :D ). The story felt abit detatched. Man investigates. Finds the cause- but then??? You know. Just kinda a cliffhanger, but not the enjoyable kind. Overall was pretty well done.


the only problem was that the guy goes into the house. If a real person heard gun shots, they would run like hell insted of saying "I'll go investigate!'. other than that it was good

Hmm... I really don't know what to say.

This really does NOT qualify as noir. Noir doesn't just mean black and white.

That aside, I think you chose very suiting background music.

I like the way you drew the characters but you didn't do it justice. It was like... like you did this in paint. They didn't move smoothly. The rough style made me scream - seriously. This seems like the kind of movie that should flow... I think.

I hope that you redo this movie and put more into it, because it has potention. :)


glitchey twitchey :S