Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Nice for a first

Thats truly awsome for a first. I see very great flashes(or whatever the plural of flash is) coming from you

Good for your first animation

This is good for someones first animation. I especially liked the music - very fitting. The animation was extremely slick, but I didnt like the way the guy walked up the stairs. Except from that, very good. Next one should be a bit longer, maybe some more story, but yeah, I liked it.

Nothing special

Classic tale of curiousity killing the cat. Nothing special, needed a little more to it.


in deaths door the man still looms...
waiting upon those he knows to be doomed.

---Examples of what NOT to do!---

The guy in this short was an idiot! (Key word being WAS!) When you hear gunshots, DO NOT go towards the direction they came from! DO NOT go into a stranger's house! And finally, when confronted by a crazy chick with a gun; RUN AWAY!!! Don't stand there waiting to get shot!!!... The submission itself was great.