Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Still Going Strong

Man I can't believe it's been a few years since I first saw this. I were looking for anime-ish stuff and got the link through a friend's faves so I thought I'd watch it again and write a review. You've got amazing talent, man. I originally thought this was like a preview to a larger project, a trailer/teaser, say but as this is all I can find, I suppose the story ends with this. Anyway keep submitting good stuff :)

Really good

That was cool man. Great style. I like the music. Good job.


You can't go far from wrong with Portishead for a soundtrack to a noir flash. This was great when you first submitted it and it is still great.

It was a good production

the only problem was it seemed a bit uninspired noir is supposed to be based on suspense and originality when people are sitting there expecting the dame or broad thats when you spring something completely different get me? BUT...thats me speaking as if it had just been made i'll admit it is, for a seven year old flash, unbeleivable ahead of its time.
hats off i will check out some of your more modern stuff to see what flash will be like in 2014.

that is all


This would be fairly impressive by today's standards. And you made it seven years ago. Very impressive indeed. An integral step in Newgrounds' progression.