Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

This was amazing!

Oh my god! This is probably the best flash I have ever seen. I have searched all of newgrounds for an actual SERIOUS flash and this is it! I amazed this has a low score! Maybe because people that come here want more violence and nudity?!?! Wonderful job!

Intriguing short, excellent music

Along with everyone else that has reviewed "Blanco y Negro", I too am shocked that its rating is so low; just goes to show that people do not appriciate this kind of artistic expression. First off, in "Blanco" the music choice of Portished sets the dark mood superbly, as with the climax of the short the music fits that as well. Razzo's art was very sharp, using shadows and detail to a nice degree. Very good entry, one of the best I've seen.


This is the Flash that got me hooked on NewGrounds years ago! It's a work of art and should be critiqued as such.

Great work

This is obviously more serious than your other flash movies... but not as gripping and epic as the story of two boy's and their struggle to deliver a letter on time with numerous hardships to overcome and the thought of failure blocking them at each pass. You know what I'm talking about: Peter and James: A Race Against Time.

That was cool!

The music went this