Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Good choice of music

For me, the music made this animation. There is nothing much of a story here, and the script isn't up to much. It looks like a first animation and while I did like what you were trying to do, it was obvious. There were parts that seemed to drag on - watching a poor tween make it's way across the screen takes it's toll.

Stylish, but pointless

The style, the artwork, and the music set the mood for a good noir. But there was little to no story. A nameless guy walks into a building, finds dead body, gets shot. The End. Again, the style was great, but it needed a story.

Good Job

That was great for a first flash. But it left a lot to be desired. Who was the man and why would he go in the house? Is there going to be a second movie? That would be great. Nice job man, Keep up the good work.


this is a great movie. In fact, I can't believe it's your first. my favorite part was the music. what's the name of the track playing in the background? it's a great flash.

Familer but new.

Very James Bondish.