Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Yuo made this back in the '99

I'm so surprised cause its really great you rock man

-=:][:=- NU££ MåStêR -=:][:=-


usually it pisses me off how people cock ride the originators, but with this film i agree with teh ppl that praised you. its a good movie that combines all its elements to produce a unique and stylistic feel. like the animation and espeacilly like the music.

I noticed a lot of people were asking for the name of the song so i looked it up.

Portishead - Only You

I love it!!!

this is great for your first thing


One of the best noir flashs ive seen, great use of music (portihead couldnt of been a better choice). Very smooth animation
great job, even down to the movement of the bracelet


Nailed by a chick lol.