Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Great homage to film noir!

Although it was short, it was still good! It was very artistically done! Nicely detailed, too! One of the greatest flash cartoons EVER!

Fucking amazing art and style

But good god the things he saws to himself are so stupid.
"Hurrr the locks been smashed. Hurr gunshots from that house."
Why? Why'd you make him sound so stupid?

It's okay

Graphics were good on somethings, but certain thing's clashed with the style. The words on screen just plain clashed. Should have had something different. Sound was good. Violence wasn't so good. I don't think it was much of a nior. But those graphics must have taken lots of effort to get that smooth.


Wow thanks for spoiling this.....You ass...

Eh needed to be longer.

The style was cool and the music seem to fit, but i was too short. I was hoping for a story, not just a minute of animation. I would like to see a full story with that kind of style to it. For the look and the music I give you a 4.